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Major Project Planning

What is my project?

            When most students travel for a weekend getaway during college, they travel with their college friends. But what most students fail to remember is before college they got to see their parents every day. And since moving away parents and college students feel more distant and disconnected for possibly the first time in a student’s life.  My project will highlight the fact that my mom and I travel together on a regular basis, and the lessons and benefits I have gained through these trips. 

            This project will be targeted towards young adult readers of magazines/online publications like Conde Nast Traveler, Buzzfeed, and Refinery 29. Young adults who like to travel will enjoy this piece because it may strike nostalgia for them and inspire them to spend more time with their parents. The story that I will tell will focus around my mother and I, and our trip to Disneyland in early May. It will be intertwined with short anecdotes from past trips we have taken, and short stories from fellow college students who travel with their parents. 

            My project will intertwine three to four different mediums. I will include photos from the trip my mom and I are taking. I will have videos featuring stories from fellow classmates about their travels and lessons learned. I will have an info graphic showing past trips my mother and I have taken (including where, when, lessons learned…etc). I also want to include audio of my mom on the importance of this trip to her.  I feel that using photos is a great way to show how my mom and I bond over different activities on our trips (and photography itself has allowed us to bond on trips). Using videos is a great way to capture emotions and stories of others, without making the project/site too wordy and “boring” for a reader. The info graphic is the best way to visually lay out all the trips my mom and I have taken over the years. 

What will the layout look like?

            I plan on using Shorthand to create my project. Using Moqups I was able to make a rough draft of a layout scheme that will help me organize my project. 

How will I complete the project?

         A project with this many different pieces has to be tackled one step at a time. Trello allowed me to make an organized, interactive list showing what I need to do, what I need to work on, and what is ready to be put on the site. I love that this makes the project seem like less of a beast and more like one simple step at a time. 

How will I stay on track and on time?

            As someone who is currently job searching, preparing for graduation, and working two jobs, staying on track is my number one priority. I felt that using Google calendars is a great way to keep me on track so I can have mini deadlines for each aspect of the project.

How does planning help?

            This entire process makes me feel much better about the project; it is no longer a big, dark, ominous project. Now it seems like a few tiny projects that will weave together. I have always been great with time management thanks to my effective planning skills. Using calendars and daily to-do lists will let me tackle this project one day at a time. Out of all the tools I used I enjoyed Trello the most because it helps me lay out everything and I feel really good when I “check” things off lists! So breaking it down in Trello allows me to check off lots of tiny things. 

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