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What “Wood” You Do?

When most people see an old wall that they don’t like anymore, most people would paint it a different color. Well I’m here to tell you that my dad, isn’t exactly most people. He has this amazing ability to take everyday objects and turn them into extraordinary things. But his absolute favorite material to work with, you ask? That’s simple, wood. So it was perfect when my mom put this little project on the honey-do list.

Step by step

To turn a chalkboard wall into a reclaimed fence wood wall took two afternoons jumping between my bedroom and our shop at our house. We jumped back and forth between cutting fence pieces, and measuring what length and width to cut the next fence pieces. Slowly but surely we covered up the purple chalkboard with beautiful reclaimed wood. In the end the room was transformed to have a bold statement wall. Let’s just say Joanna Gaines would be proud.

Hear how the project was done and why my dad likes working with wood.

The most versatile material

This wood wasn’t just randomly found somewhere, or purchased like this. This wood came from a fence that stood by my house for 20 years. And even after all these years, all it needs is a good wash and some TLC, and it is now part of our home forever. If you look closely, you can see that each piece is unique, with different grains, knots, and even little aging spots. But with some attention to detail, each piece fit together as if it belongs there. It’s clear to see why my dad says this material can be used for anything and everything.

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