Why Every College Student Should Have a Costco Membership

Most college students may think that shopping at Costco is some sort of hilarious oxymoron. You may think that as a college student you don’t have the room for Costco ‘bulk’ items, or that you simply can’t afford a store that requires a membership. Well I am here to tell you that you are WRONG, and having a Costco membership can be the best investment you make in your college career.

Now I know you must have a few questions about the method to my Costco madness, but trust me you will be running to your nearest warehouse after reading this post.



Now, if you aren’t already aware, shopping at Costco does require you to have a membership. The basic “Gold Star Membership” is only $60, and can be split with a ‘household member’ so if you have someone to pair with back at home, or you can even split the cost with your roommate! So already your membership cost can be split in half. And I promise, you will make the $60 back in no time with the money you will save.

Buying in Bulk

Now that I live in an apartment, I practically buy everything at Costco, mainly because I have the space for it now, and I am off the meal plan and prep all of my own food. But trust me, you don’t have to wait till you are out of the dorms to start shopping at Costco!

When I was in a dorm room, the main reason I shopped at Costco was SNACKS! Let’s be honest here, what college student doesn’t thrive on having yummy snacks always available in the room. Do you love popcorn, but hate the fact that you always run out because grocery stores only sell boxes that hold like 6 or 8 bags? Say no more! Costco sells 44 bags of microwave popcorn for just $11.49, so you can be stocked up for the entire year and your Netflix binge sessions will never be without your favorite snack!

Once you are out of the dorms, you will truly understand the power of buying items in bulk. Shopping at Costco is the best way to save money, because buying in bulk makes it so much more affordable, especially on a college budget! My top two bulk buys at Costco are huge bags of chicken breast, and ground beef. Not to mention produce is so affordable, so you can always stock up on healthy options. Another great thing about buying bulk is I only have to go to the store every two to three weeks, because with a busy schedule balancing school and work, I don’t always have time to run to the grocery store.

And a Costco trip is never complete without toilet paper!


I can honestly state, nothing is better than snacking while shopping, and Costco has my back on this one with their samples. And I don’t know about you, but if I get hangry while shopping it’s game over!

And if you are still hungry after grazing on the delicious samples, then head to the Holy Grail: the Costco Food Court.

Party Essentials

While your main focus in college should definitely be your grades, everyone likes to have a little fun now and then, and there is no better place to get your party essentials than Costco. Need cups? Grab 240 for $10! Need drinks? Grab a 24 pack of Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand Ales and Lagers for just $18.95! Want some other options? Costco always has great deals on alcohol and a wide selection to choose from.


I always have the travel bug, and thanks to Costco Travel, I can book an affordable vacation package that is perfect for college students. I was able to book a trip to Disneyland, and the package included tickets, hotel, and airfare! It was so easy. They have packages perfect for spring break, or big trips for summer vacation; they have options all around the world! This is just another huge perk of having a Costco membership during college.


Another great deal at Costco is their gas! You can save so much money on gas alone, usually its about $0.20 cheaper per gallon! This savings can really add up!

I couldn’t have survived a single day in college without my Costco membership! Do any other Costco lovers have tips and tricks for college students?

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