Portland Donut Crawl

Everyone knows that Portland, Oregon is a foodie’s paradise, and I am so lucky to live just 45 minutes away! When you say Portland donuts, people think that the only option is the notorious Voodoo Donut, but do I have a surprise for you! There’s even more amazing donuts in Portland!

I visited five different donut shops in Portland; yes FIVE, in search of Portland’s best donuts. Now this task was grueling (LOL…just kidding…I got to eat donuts all day).

So here you have it, five of Portland’s donut shops, ranked from my least favorite to my most favorite, for all of my fellow donut-lovers to drool over!

5. Pip’s Original Doughnuts and Chai

Ok, first things first, this place is the absolute cutest, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once you make it inside (yes the line can stretch out the door sometimes) you can see why this place is so popular! It has such a cute, Indie-coffee bar-vibe that could leave you sitting inside for hours!

Pip’s specializes in their little mini donuts, which are oh so adorable! We got the Sea Salted Nutella and Maple Candied Bacon ones, which are so perfect! Now while these donut flavors are perfect for me, and they were really good, I wouldn’t say they were the best. The donuts were pretty much your average donut, nothing special, and didn’t standout just on their donut game alone. But what is nice is that they are so small, that you could practically try all of their flavors in one sitting and not get too stuffed!

Now if you are also a fan of chai, this is the perfect spot for you! Not only can your try all the donut flavors at once, but you can also get their flight of five different flavors of chai

4. Sesame Donuts

            Ok, I’m going to be completely honest here, I was super skeptical about Sesame Donuts, because from the outside it doesn’t look like much. But once I walked inside and saw all the different donuts, I could see what all the hype was about! They had so many yummy looking donuts, it was hard to narrow it down to just one! Eventually I landed on the Yum Yum M&M donut, which trust me lived up to its name!

I also tried their baklava, which was absolutely to DIE for! And Sesame does birthday donuts, which means you can get a 12” donut for your birthday instead of a cake, which is pretty darn magical if you ask me.

3. Coco Donuts

            If you are a fan of buttermilk donuts, Coco is absolutely amazing, I have honestly never had a buttermilk donut that was so rich and flavorful. It super filling and just simple yet delicious! I would definitely go back just for their buttermilk donuts!

I also got their chocolate covered espresso bean donut, which was so light and fluffy, and of course made my coffee loving heart happy with espresso beans on top!

2. Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star is another extremely popular spot in Portland, well known for their unique donut flavors. You can almost bet that the line will always be stretching out the door, but it is definitely worth it! Inside you will find unique flavors such as Spicy Strawberry, Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Peanut Butter and Habanero Jelly, and their popular Cointreau Crème Brulee.

We opted for the Maple Bacon and the Pear Lavender Fritter, which were so yummy! The local honey in the fritter added an extra sweet surprise! Would definitely recommend if you are someone who wants quality donuts in wild and unusual flavors, Blue Star is a MUST.

1. Voodoo Donuts

            After trying all of these other donut shops, I thought I would find one that trumps my love for Voodoo, but it is still my number one. Because nothing is better than sugary cereal, cookies, sprinkles, pretty much anything on a classic raised donut. And in true Portland fashion they also have tons of vegan option available as well!

Now I am going to let you in on a little secret, Voodoo has multiple locations in Portland, If you want to wait in an hour-plus to get your donuts at the original Voodoo, that’s all you. But I usually go to Voodoo Too, which never has a line, has all the same donuts, and has the cutest wall perfect for your next Instagram post! Definitely recommend this option!


Now pack your bags and head to Portland and start your donut crawl! Do you have any other donut places that I shouldn’t miss? Let me know in the comments!

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