Working a Part-Time Job in College


College is such a fun time in a person’s life, but it is also the perfect opportunity to build your resume. Before this semester I had always filled my free time with athletics, but now I have gotten a part time job! In order to afford college I take out student loans along with other scholarships, so my part time job is just to help cover food and other living expenses. This is a great way to lessen the financial burden of cooking all of your own food and still being able to have a little fun.

But sometimes a full time college class schedule and a part time job can be quite a handful! So here are some tips and tricks of having a part time job as a college student.

Do you have time?

First things first, if you are struggling with academics and time management, or already feel overloaded with the schedule you have, a part-time job is not for you. Having a part time job takes up time and should only be an option if you have great time management skills and you are able to prioritize, because your job should never get in the way of school, don’t forget you are a student first.

Make sure to limit yourself. If you ever feel like you are struggling or too stressed, talk to your employer, let them know you may need your hours adjusted to help catch up in schooling. Self-care is important too, don’t just work yourself to the bone.

Check On-Campus first

No one is going to understand a busy college schedule, more than a college job. These jobs will always be able to fit in your schedule, and it’s great because your job is rarely more than a 10-minute walk away from anything! Pretty perfect if you ask me!

Try to build a flexible schedule

When applying for a job, you will want to be as available as possible; no one is going to hire someone who has extremely limited available hours. Perks of college, you get to build your own schedule! In order to optimize your schedule, try planning classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only, or just Tuesday and Thursday! This will give you all day availability for days that you don’t have classes! This way your class days and your workdays are separate, allowing for easy transitions from day to day. And when applying for jobs, this will look really good when you are applying for jobs and they ask for your availability.

Look for jobs you might actually like

Before handing your application straight to McDonald’s, actually look around the area surrounding your campus and see if there are any brands or companies that you like that may be hiring. Even try asking friends around campus if they know of any jobs available. I was lucky enough to get hired at someplace I have shopped at for years, so now I really like my job.

Even try to look for jobs within your major or future field. Look around for different paid internships, or inquire at local companies. This is a perfect opportunity to start building your resume before graduation.

Be honest about your availability

When applying for jobs, make sure you communicate your availability honestly. This will help your hiring manager make an honest decision if you would be a good member of the team. And if your planning on going home for breaks and over the summer you will want to communicate that as well.


Do you have any tips for balancing work and school? Leave them in the comments below!

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