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The Average Week During my Disney College Program

We are reaching my 2 month mark of being here in Florida. And after all this time I have finally settled into a “routine” even though my work schedule is constantly changing. I thought I would let you guys in on the average week as a Disney Cast Member.


If you haven’t heard already, it is most common for College Programmers to have closing shifts. At my location (The Beach Club Marketplace), the usual closing shift is from 4pm-12:30 or 1am. These shifts are where you are going to bond most with your fellow cast members, especially if your location has a lot of CPs. After taking the bus home, I usually make it to bed by about 2am.


After waking up I usually have a few options about what to do before another closing shift. I either head to a park to play before my shift, or hangout by the pool at my apartment complex. There is a huge perk to working at a resort vs. working at a park, I have a very definitive line between work and play time. I love all the parks and I see lots of CPs hate the park that they end up working in.


Tuesday’s are usually my day off (mostly because it is my class day). I usually try to make it on the bus to go grocery shopping, do laundry, clean my room, pack a few lunches for the workdays ahead, and get ready for class.

Over the summer I have been taking the seminar Disney Heritage, this class goes from 3pm-5pm on Tuesdays for 4 weeks. I am really enjoying the Disney Seminars and I am super excited to take more seminars in the future!


The days after my day off are usually my early morning shifts. These can start either at 5, 6, 7, or 7:30am. And I am usually off sometime in the early to mid afternoon.


Another morning shift on these days allows me to go to the parks after these shifts, especially if I close the following day! My favorite thing to do after work on Thursdays is either go to Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios and see Happily Ever After (the fireworks at MK) or Fantasmic.


Back to closing shifts! This is usually my opportunity to get an early morning start in the parks. Which is best spent at Animal Kingdom. Then I am able to take a bus from whatever park I am in and go straight to work.


And to end the week, another closing shift. In case you aren’t already aware, the CP of DCP stands for closing person (just kidding but CPs do end up with a lot of closing shifts).


I hope this gives you a good glimpse into the average week in the Disney College Program. Some people’s weeks look FAR different than mine, for example; some have less hours and more days off. And sometimes my schedule can change and I get two weeks in a row of only closing shifts. Comment below on anything else you want a little insight on.

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  1. I’m headed down to do DCP Spring 2018 and this blog entry just made me feel to much better about what to expect in a day!

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