Disney College Program

Move In, Casting, and Traditions


Move In

My check in was 8:45 on the morning of June 5, 2017. My flight landed at Orlando International Airport at 7:00 am that morning and I had a car arranged to pick me up and drive me to my apartment complex; Chatham Square. The security guards at the front gate do not let new participants in until exactly their assigned check-in time. Once you walk to the clubhouse for check in there is a little area where people without cars can keep their luggage. Inside the check-in area you will receive your program guide, which has your apartment number and key attached to it. After that you will take your picture for your housing ID, then you are free to move into your apartment!

I spent the entire first day unpacking, taking a quick trip to the store with one of my roommates that has a car. I was able to buy groceries for the week, and buy whatever I needed that I was unable to pack (hangers, pillow…etc). On our drive back from the store I stopped at the Chatham Square service center to pick up my bedding that I ordered through Disney ahead of my arrival (Thank you Disney for providing this!!


Later that day I boarded a bus to go to Casting, to fill out all the finishing touches of becoming a Disney Cast Member. Most of this stuff is pretty routine and they just check over your paper work. This is also where I got checked over to make sure that I was in compliance with the Disney Look. Sadly I was not clear for takeoff on this one, I had balayaged my hair, and even kept Disney Look in mind when doing so, but still was told that I would have to dye my hair to its natural color.


On Friday of that very same week, it was finally time for Traditions. Here at Disney, Traditions is something every Cast Member goes through before they are officially a Cast Member. This means that you will not have free admission into the parks until AFTER Traditions.

Traditions will fill you with the most love for the Disney Company that you have ever felt. Walking through the park as a Cast Member is magical in its own realm.

And per DCP tradition, that night all of us roommates ventured into the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks, as official CAST MEMBERS!!


(PSA sadly this post has minimal photos. One of Florida’s infamous afternoon thunderstorms ruined my phone.)

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