How to use a Planner in College



College can get extremely busy. There is no way I could get through without my planner! Having a planner is definitely an absolute MUST for me. So I have decided to share some of my planner tips!

Pick a planner you know you will use

This is definitely an important step. Don’t just buy a planner because you “think” you will use it; buy one that you absolutely love! I found agendas two years ago and have been absolutely obsessed since! They are so cute and even come with little compliments during the week to keep me going! The trick is to find a planner you love, and you will find yourself using it everyday!

Always have it with you

If you’re anything like me you will find yourself forgetting all your “TO-DOs” super fast. So the trick is to have your planner with you at all times. When I am in class I have it out and ready for any due dates or homework reminders. I have it out at work to log my hours and schedule out any big picture due dates. And it is constantly out as I work on homework and study so I can check off everything I’m doing, which is extremely gratifying to plow through the daily checklist.

Have a system

            If using a pencil is your forte, then stick with it. For me the best way to keep all my thoughts in order is color-coding all of my classes and other activities. I invested in some nice fine pint pens when I got my planner and every semester I assign each class a different color, which makes it super easy to prioritize all of my assignments. Whatever you choose, stick with it, having a routine is key.

Have fun with it

As if color-coding was not fun enough, I am absolutely obsessed with my stickers. I am honestly such a Leslie Knope in the sense that I could spend hours just ‘jammin’ on my planner’. So find some stickers, fun tape, cool pens, and whatever else you can think of to make your planner fun and personalized!

I know I definitely could not survive without my planner by my side. What are your favorite agenda/planner tips?

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